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    All of our products are 100% Vegan and created with organic ingredients.

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    Olewa Summer Butter!-Vegan. Organic.

    The Summer Butter provides the same great benefits as the Winter Butter, yet is designed specifically for the Summer heat.


    This formula is less dense yet deeply moisturizing, cooling to the body, deters and treats sunburn and repels mosquito's naturally.


    However, it's not just for summer time use!


    Because it's highly anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial, it's really great for detoxing the skin and scalp and works great for fighting acne and any type of bacteria infections.


    Best for Oily skin


    All natural and organic ingredients. 100% Free of chemicals, fragrances or dyes.


    Users have reported this butter is highly effective against mosquito's and very soothing (cooling) for dry, itchy skin.


    Ingredients: peppermint oil, argon, Tamanu and 8 additional organic plant derived food grade ingredients!

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