OLEWA EMF FRESH Spray! -100% organic
Have you ever walked into a room and felt a 'bad feeling' for no apparent reason?
Or...met someone for the 1st time and got a negative feeling about them?
Even worse, have you ever felt drained, after getting away from that person or place?

Truth is, a negative encounter can leave you feeling heavy or drained if any of that energy sticks to your ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD (EMF) (some call it "Aura").

Essentially, the EMF FRESH is designed to refresh the EMF and get rid of all the negative vibes that can weigh you down.

Use it on yourself, home, others, work environment, or wherever you are.
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Coming soon
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Get ready to blast away bad vibes!
Use in a diffuser or spray in your home, office, car or over yourself and others to cleanse away unwanted energy.
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