"1906" (Commeration to Black Wallstreet)

"1906" (Commeration to Black Wallstreet)

The “1906” is a true luxury body butter crafted exclusively from seeds, fruits, flowers and resins (no chemicals or synthetics).

Composed of a rare symphony of elements such as Rose, Pomegranate and Somolian Myrrh...

This butter feels and smells like nothing you've experienced before...

Usually when art and craftsmanship combine to create something as unique and beautiful as this...the price tag is prohibitive to all but the wealthy.

Yet, this is in honor of the Ancestors!

Something so special that only 43 others in the entire world will indulge alongside you.

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In 1906 O.W. Gurley (Seen sitting in the middle above), a wealthy black entrepreneur...

Purchased 40 acres of land in Tulsa, Oklahoma naming it Greenwood.

Greenwood became home for many newly freed (Black) Americans seeking safe haven after the civil war.

In a decade Greenwood would flourish into a district of great wealth.

It’s said that the economy was so strong, One dollar would circulate 19 times before leaving the small 5 block district.

To this day we remember it as “Black Wall Street”…

While most remember how it ended, not many know and commemorate its start.

This history is so important because in it, is the absolute proof…

that when any people put their heads and resources together and move with focus, great achievements can be reached.

This without question includes the Copper-toned people of America (Black People).

To celebrate this fact, I present to you the “1906”…a true luxury butter:

Consisting of the very best seeds, fruits and resins the world has to offer…

Including the eloquence of Moroccan Rose, Red Silk Pomegranate and Wild Crafted Frankincense.

Chalked full of nutrients crucial for restoring, maintaining and enhancing the health, elasticity and appearance of both skin and hair.

It’s meant to serve as a symbol indicating the excellence Our people have always been capable of producing...

Especially, when we move unified - through courage, vision and self reliance.

There are just 44 jars available.

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