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    All of our products are 100% Vegan and created with organic ingredients.

    Olewa Vitality Mix-Organic/Vegan/Wild Crafted

    Did you know that when you feel hungry its not actually your stomach that’s calling for food?


    Did you know that when you eat, it’s not your stomach that actually eats?


    Truth is, the job of your digestive system is just that… to digest.


    Which essentially means that it takes the food that you chew and swallow, breaks it down, extracts the nutrients and delivers those nutrients to the part of the body demanding to be fed…


    What part of your body is that?


    Your cells. That’s right, your cells are the part of your body that tell you to eat.


    The primary thing your cells want is Nutrients.


    This means, if you eat junk food, which has no real nutrients inside it… you can literally eat 10 pounds of it and you’ll still be hungry because your cells will just keep calling for nutrients!


    The point here is that Nutrients are Real Food…


    Now you understand why investing in your vitality with the Olewa Vitality Mix is such an excellent decision!


    Giving your body all the minerals and vitamins it needs to perform at its best is the key to maintaining a strong immune system.


    With 11 organic/wild crafted plant based ingredients, it’s so nutrient dense that with just 1 teaspoon per day, your cells are getting fed like a champion level Sumo wrestler!


    Check out the life replenishing benefits for yourself and enjoy!


    None of these statements have been approved by the FDA or are intended to diagnose or treat any condition.

    Organic Seamoss, Bladderwrack, Burdock, Mistletoe and 7 other powerful vitality and immunity boosting plants.

    Olewa Autumn/Spring Butter!-

    Vegan. Organic.

    The Spring/Autumn Butter is infused with elements which are antiviral, antibacterial and extremely rich in silica.


    Take Note that silica is the source of collagen, which is the primary structural element for the bones, skin, hair, organs and teeth. This butter has been described by users as "fluffy and Rich".


    Contains Food Grade Diatomites which will also assist with the elimination of parasites such as fleas, ticks and lice.


    Users have reported that this butter helped to thicken hair and reverse chronic dry skin.

    Ingredients: Hemp, Lavender, Blackseed and 10 other organic plant derived food grade ingredients!

    Olewa EMF Fresh!

    EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field and every body has one.


    What is an emf?


    Quite simply it is an energy field which surrounds the body of human beings and all living things on planet earth. Some people call this energy field an Aura.


    Sometimes due to encounters with ‘energetically dirty’ environments or with negative people, your emf can get sullied or may get energetic debris caught in it.


    If your emf gets too soiled or too much litter inside it, this can make you feel heavy or inexplicably lethargic…


    make your thoughts seem sluggish or foggy…


    may cause you to begin attracting undesirable people or situations...



    push away things you would like to have in your life (like your blessings)…and generally cause conditions which people call “Bad Luck”


    The EMF Fresh actually washes the emf of the body and effectively loosens and clears your energy field of debris, which restores balance, promoting clear thoughts, greater energy and good fortune.


    The EMF Fresh can also be used to energetically clean a room or your car (especially if you’re an Uber, Lyft or driver for hire)…


    Professionals such as Barbers, stylists and therapists can use this to refresh your chair between clients (especially if you have a very negative, angry or sad customer sitting in your chair). Think about it…


    How many times has someone been sitting in a chair for a while and when they get up to leave, if you sit down after them, you can still ‘feel’ their warmth and energetic signature still there?


    This type of lingering energetic presence can dirty your emf, similar to being in dusty room can dirty your clothing…


    Just a few sprays of emf fresh can clear your own emf or any area of old, stale or negative energy.


    And because the EMF Fresh contains organic plant based assets like safficinolide, Limonene and copper it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and can also be used as a natural topical disinfectant.


    Making it a great alternative to harsh chemical based disinfectants.


    Pick up your bottle of emf fresh today and notice the difference of living an energetically clean life!

    Ingredients: Sage, Santo Palo, Finely crushed crystals, Lemon and 4 other all natural ingredients!

    Olewa Winter Butter!-Vegan. Organic.

    Designed to insulate and protect your skins suppleness from the effects of cold weather.


    This lavishly rich formula will provide essential nutrients and minerals to aid the skin in the natural process of moisture retention, restoration of elasticity and diminishing the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and blemishes including stretch marks.


    All natural and organic ingredients.


    100% Chemical free. Users have reported this has been very beneficial in treating chronic dry skin, eczema and helps to keep the body warm in cold climate.

    Ingredients: cayenne, black jamaican castor oil, pumpkin seed oil, and 7 additional plant derived food grade ingredients!

    Olewa Summer Butter!-Vegan. Organic.

    The Summer Butter provides the same great benefits as the Winter Butter, yet is designed specifically for the Summer heat.


    This formula is less dense yet deeply moisturizing, cooling to the body, deters and treats sunburn and repels mosquito's naturally.


    However, it's not just for summer time use!


    Because it's highly anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial, it's really great for detoxing the skin and scalp and works great for fighting acne and any type of bacteria infections.


    Best for Oily skin


    All natural and organic ingredients. 100% Free of chemicals, fragrances or dyes.


    Users have reported this butter is highly effective against mosquito's and very soothing (cooling) for dry, itchy skin.


    Ingredients: peppermint oil, argon, Tamanu and 8 additional organic plant derived food grade ingredients!

    Olewa Lip Butter


    The Olewa Lip Balm stands in a league of its own. Seals in abundant nourishment for healthy lips.


    Protection from the elements. 100% chemical free. Users have reported that this lip balm lasts for hours with each application, works great underneath lip stick, repairs damaged and dry lips.

    Contains Bees wax, black seed and 9 other organic food grade ingredients.

    Olewa Sample Pack-Vegan. Organic.

    The Olewa Sample Pack contains 3 items... 1 Lip Butter + 1 Summer Butter + 1 Spring & Autumn Butter.


    All items come in metal Sample size containers.


    This is a great way to try our products out, makes a great gift for anyone on the fence about going 'Natural' or to have when you're on the go.

    Olewa Alchemical Meta-Butter + kit.

    These Butters are infused with high frequency elements specific to each applicant;


    Designed to heal the energy body, clear any blockages within the meridians, assist the chakras and enhance ones abilities for specific undertakings. This is a package.

    Ingredients: Varying per applicant. Consultation.

    Olewa Cleanse & Re-Align Bath-Kit

    This bath kit is perfect for clearing out old ionic debris from the previous year and re-charging the bodies electromagnetic field (emf) for success in the new.


    This kit contains 2 baths. One for cleaning the body's electromagnetic field(emf) and a second for charging the emf for wealth attraction.


    This bath is not designed for "good luck" but more so, to help dissolve blockages to ones business endeavors and to align for success.

    Other baths are available per request.

  • True Story!

    Check out this Testimonial regarding the truth of Olewa Butters. Not only are our products safe for pregnancy but great for everyone at any time in life. Safe, pure and essential. "0" toxins, 100% food grade ingredients which means that our products are safe enough to eat and we promise to always keep it that way. One Love!

  • The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

    The incredible journey of what has become Olewa Health & Beauty began during the summer of 2014.


    Upon receiving news of our first pregnancy. Excitedly, my husband and I began planning for our child’s pending arrival.


    As time progressed, my concerns regarding the dreaded "stretch marks" became somewhat overwhelming. I did not want to end up with permanent scarring on my stomach.


    I then began to search the market for lotions, creams and products which promised to prevent the object of my fear, but the few that I found contained chemical ingredients that I just didn't feel comfortable applying.


    So, I complained to my husband and he responded by creating a formula that would provide the moisture, nourishment and protection my skin needed.


    All while equally fortifying the elasticity in my skin and be free of chemicals, dyes, or perfumes.


    He assured me that he’d sought out ingredients that were 100% organic and possessed only the most lavishly rich and beneficial qualities, and my mind was at ease.


    Loyalty to Nature


    I used this formula faithfully throughout the entire winter, but when the summer months arrived the original formula, I found was too thick and hot.


    So, again My husband created an alternative formula that was lighter and cooled my skin and body.

    Our Son was born in late autumn.


    And, so at the end of the summer months, My husband again created an alternate formula that wasn’t as thick as the winter or as cooling as the summer but was perfect for the autumn months and I loved it!


    Upon delivering our son, we realized that the butters he created for me, worked even better than expected.


    My stomach looked just as it did before the pregnancy.


    Not only that, We also found that the body butters had healed my blemishes, evening my skin tone and had also strengthened my hair.


    It wasn’t long after, that I began sharing this formula with family and friends.


    Over time we have discovered that the butters work very well for eczema, psoriasis, buchettes, repels mosquitos, heals even the most extremely dry cracked skin (folks with diabetes love it because of this), strengthens hair, and is just all around beneficial to the largest organ of the human body-skin.


    Creating Olewa Health & Beauty has led us on a remarkable journey thus far.


    We have been privileged to positively impact not only those in our personal circle, but also many others.


    After deciding that it would be a disservice not to share our discovery with the community; With my husbands blessing, I have made it my mission to bring our products to market, to provide a source of relief to so many people suffering from the conditions I’ve talked about herein.


    This is why our products are and will always remain pure and completely natural.







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