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    All of our products are 100% Vegan and created with organic ingredients.

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    Olewa Lip Butter


    The Olewa Lip Balm stands in a league of its own. Seals in abundant nourishment for healthy lips.


    Protection from the elements. 100% chemical free. Users have reported that this lip balm lasts for hours with each application, works great underneath lip stick, repairs damaged and dry lips.

    Contains Bees wax, black seed and 9 other organic food grade ingredients.

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    Olewa Sample Pack-Vegan. Organic.

    The Olewa Sample Pack contains 3 items... 1 Lip Butter + 1 Summer Butter + 1 Spring & Autumn Butter.


    All items come in metal Sample size containers.


    This is a great way to try our products out, makes a great gift for anyone on the fence about going 'Natural' or to have when you're on the go.


    Olewa Alchemical Meta-Butter + kit.

    These Butters are infused with high frequency elements specific to each applicant;


    Designed to heal the energy body, clear any blockages within the meridians, assist the chakras and enhance ones abilities for specific undertakings. This is a package.

    Ingredients: Varying per applicant. Consultation.

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    Olewa Cleanse & Re-Align Bath-Kit

    This bath kit is perfect for clearing out old ionic debris from the previous year and re-charging the bodies electromagnetic field (emf) for success in the new.


    This kit contains 2 baths. One for cleaning the body's electromagnetic field(emf) and a second for charging the emf for wealth attraction.


    This bath is not designed for "good luck" but more so, to help dissolve blockages to ones business endeavors and to align for success.

    Other baths are available per request.

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