• Minimalist Luxury


    Our packaging may look simplistic and we may not have all of the fancy ninja marketing techniques but…

    • All of the ingredients on our labels are easy to pronounce and understand...
    • Our skin care products are so pure they’re actually safe to eat…
    • Our containers are made from glass instead of plastic…
    • We source all our natural ingredients from small farmers who grow ethically (both wild crafted and organic)…
    • Everything is made by hand, in small batches…

    This all translates into what we call “minimalist luxury.”

    All the true value is where it really belongs in the product itself, instead of on and around it.


    We don’t attempt to ‘’improve’’ the quality of nature. All we do is bring together the best that She provides for your benefit.


    Our Products are harmony in a bottle.

    Everything we create contains...

    • No chemicals
    • No dyes
    • No perfumes
    • No animal bi-products

    The Old Way was about creating the illusion of luxury by using fancy looking labels and marketing.


    These companies put so much effort into making their brand appear “high-end”… that they have little left to invest in actually making high-end products.


    Some even charge prices as high as $150-$1000 per jar for a product primarily made of a glob of chemicals. Some chemicals which have long had a connection to physiological illnesses such as cancer.


    While many of these brands offer false promises of reduced wrinkles and younger skin and hair…


    their products instead utilize old tricks of the trade like the promise to “reduce the appearance of wrinkles” by filling wrinkles with Rubber or silicone.


    This is a similar process to packing potholes with asphalt. We all know this is a cheap and temporary “fix” that won’t last long. Before you know it the pothole is back and bigger than ever as it swallows half your tire and takes a bite!


    These chemical “skin care” brands may make your skin and hair temporarily appear younger but the end result is always the same: Accelerated aging which means...

    • Premature wrinkles...
    • Deeper fine lines...
    • Thinner hair...
    • Looking older than you are...

    We at Olewa have made it a priority to prove that there is no luxury above what nature provides. Composed of raw natural elements and no additives, our formula's are paleo.


    Which means not only do they feel good and make the skin and hair softer and more youthful…


    But because of the nutritional value they provide, your skin and hair will both heal and be preserved.


    This means your appearance will age more slowly as a natural result of being well nourished.


    Compare this with the chemical alternatives and the superior choice becomes clear.


    Finally, We use these products daily and so do our children.

    Olewa is a small family owned and operated company.


    We care deeply about what we put out into the world and our goal is to contribute to the well-being of our neighbors.


    We believe deeply in the philosophy… “Do unto thy neighbor as you would have done unto yourself.“


    So we decided to share our home recipes because we knew it would be a disservice not to.


    We genuinely appreciate everyone who gives our products a try and feel the love each time we receive an email about the benefits you experience.


    So feel free to reach out to us anytime and we’ll be sure to respond.



    Sayum S. -Founder





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