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    Olewa EMF Fresh!

    EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field and every body has one.


    What is an emf?


    Quite simply it is an energy field which surrounds the body of human beings and all living things on planet earth. Some people call this energy field an Aura.


    Sometimes due to encounters with ‘energetically dirty’ environments or with negative people, your emf can get sullied or may get energetic debris caught in it.


    If your emf gets too soiled or too much litter inside it, this can make you feel heavy or inexplicably lethargic…


    make your thoughts seem sluggish or foggy…


    may cause you to begin attracting undesirable people or situations...



    push away things you would like to have in your life (like your blessings)…and generally cause conditions which people call “Bad Luck”


    The EMF Fresh actually washes the emf of the body and effectively loosens and clears your energy field of debris, which restores balance, promoting clear thoughts, greater energy and good fortune.


    The EMF Fresh can also be used to energetically clean a room or your car (especially if you’re an Uber, Lyft or driver for hire)…


    Professionals such as Barbers, stylists and therapists can use this to refresh your chair between clients (especially if you have a very negative, angry or sad customer sitting in your chair). Think about it…


    How many times has someone been sitting in a chair for a while and when they get up to leave, if you sit down after them, you can still ‘feel’ their warmth and energetic signature still there?


    This type of lingering energetic presence can dirty your emf, similar to being in dusty room can dirty your clothing…


    Just a few sprays of emf fresh can clear your own emf or any area of old, stale or negative energy.


    And because the EMF Fresh contains organic plant based assets like safficinolide, Limonene and copper it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and can also be used as a natural topical disinfectant.


    Making it a great alternative to harsh chemical based disinfectants.


    Pick up your bottle of emf fresh today and notice the difference of living an energetically clean life!

    Ingredients: Sage, Santo Palo, Finely crushed crystals, Lemon and 4 other all natural ingredients!

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