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To date Olewa has helped many amongst the Detroit and Metro Detroit community that suffers from dry skin, stretchmarks, dark spots and blemishes to mild and severe forms of atopic dermatitis . Yet, I have still received various inquiries as to how Olewa Summer butter should be used...On your face? On your hair? On my child? The answer is simply, "Yes!" The beautiful element that I personally love about the summer butter is that it is completely multi-useful and beneficial. But above all, it is SAFE. I use it everyday on myself as a replacement to lotions that usually contain ingriedients one can barely pronounce and that have been labeled carcinogens. Why would anyone continue to apply chemically ridden products on their skin day after day? It comes as no surprise that your skin (the largest organ in the body) would react adversely to such harmful mine once did prior to the creation of our full body butter.

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