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    The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step...


    The incredible journey of what has become Olewa Health & Beauty began during the summer of 2014.


    Upon receiving news of our first pregnancy. Excitedly, my husband and I began planning for our child’s pending arrival.


    As time progressed, my concerns regarding the dreaded "stretch marks" became somewhat overwhelming. I didn't want to end up with permanent scarring on my stomach.


    Searching for lotions and creams which promised to prevent the object of my fear, everything I found contained chemical ingredients that we didn't feel comfortable with.


    Out of options my husband created a formula that would provide the moisture, nourishment and protection my skin needed.


    All while equally fortifying the elasticity in my skin and it was free of chemicals, dyes, or perfumes.


    He assured me that he’d sought out ingredients that were 100% organic and possessed only the most lavishly rich and beneficial qualities, and my mind was at ease.


    Loyalty to Nature


    I used this formula faithfully throughout the entire winter, but when the summer months arrived the original formula, I found was too thick and hot.


    So, again My husband created an alternative formula that was lighter and cooled my skin and body.


    And, so at the end of the summer months, My husband again created an alternate formula that wasn’t as thick as the winter or as cooling as the summer but was perfect for the autumn months and I loved it!


    Our Son was born in late autumn.


    Upon delivering our son, we realized that the butters he created worked even better than expected.


    My stomach looked just as it did before the pregnancy.


    Not only that, We also discovered that the body butters had healed my blemishes, evening my skin tone and had also strengthened my hair.


    It wasn’t long after that I began sharing this formula with family and friends.


    • Over time via testimonials we have discovered that the butters...
    • provide relief for
    • eczema
    • psoriasis
    • behcets.
    • Heals extremely dry cracked skin (folks with diabetes love it because of this)
    • Strengthens and promotes hair growth
    • Evens skin tone
    and is just all around beneficial to the largest organ of the human body-skin.


    Creating Olewa Health & Beauty has lead us on a remarkable journey thus far.


    We have been privileged to positively impact not only those in our personal circle, but also many others.


    After deciding that it would be a disservice not to share our discovery with the community...


    With my husbands blessing, I have made it a mission to get our products into the hands of the people who need them.


    This is why our products are and will always remain pure and completely natural.


    Alysha S.-CEO



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